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Our Pastors

The Bennetts met in Chicago, Illinois in June 1989 and were married on September 5, 1992. They are ordained Elders and have been working in ministry together since 2002. Both have earned a Doctorate degree in Christian Counseling and are Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselors. 


They answered the call from God to pastor in November 2009 and the doors of New Season Family Christian Center were opened on September 11, 2011. They have four children - Carl Jr., Marquita, Charles, and Clarence.



Dr. Carl is a native of Chicago, IL and the Senior Pastor of New Season. Each week Carl delivers a message of hope through the Word of God to the Body of Christ. His weekly messages are seen by many on the worldwide web. He is also a godly mentor to men of all ages.

Dr. Yolanda is a native of Mobile, AL and as Pastor of New Season, she assist her husband in teaching the Word of God with integrity. Yolanda is committed to helping women become spiritually whole by discovering their true purpose in Christ.

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